Alison Gifford, Hypnotherapist

Investigating the potential benefits of hypnotherapy for symptoms of Long Covid

Hypnotherapy offers benefits in a range of areas, many of which are also symptoms of Long Covid: fatigue, headaches, poor sleep, pain, anxiety, taste disturbance, depression and temperature disturbances.

I am offering an initial cohort of 6 people diagnosed with Long Covid four free one hour hypnotherapy sessions, conducted online, to assess how hypnotherapy techniques might help the symptoms of Long Covid.

We would start with an initial chat via Zoom, for me to find out which symptoms are the most troublesome for you in order to enable me to tailor the hypnotherapy intervention to your specific situation. I would also make some baseline assessments using recognised tools, to be able to compare before and after scores in areas such as pain, anxiety, depression etc.

You would then have four hypnotherapy sessions, over 4-6 weeks; these would each be 45-60 mins long and would be via Zoom. At the end of the sessions, I would reassess your symptoms to find out what, if any, benefit you have found as a result of the hypnotherapy.

This is an initial investigation and there is no guarantee that these sessions will help your Long Covid symptoms however the sessions will provide you with the chance to experience deep relaxation at a minimum.

If this initial group of people shows that hypnotherapy helps to alleviate the symptoms of Long Covid, I intend to seek opportunities to extend the trial and make this approach accessible to more people.

If you would like to ask me any questions before deciding to participate, please email

or call me on 01629 593762

About Me

I am a hypnotherapist with 7 years experience and I am also a pharmacist (with over 30 years of practice). I specialise in treating people with pain, anxiety and stress, but Covid 19 and its long term effects on the health of so many individuals has encouraged me to explore what can be achieved with hypnotherapy in Long Covid.

I also have a background in academia and research - I have a PhD and have worked in academia for 13 years.

I am registered with the National Council of Hypnotherapy and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. I am fully DBS checked and insured.

Hypnotherapy uses a state of deep relaxation to aid in the therapy process and allow change to occur within the brain at a sub-concious level"

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