Anxiety management

Anxiety can change your life - making you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, lacking in focus, emotional and just out of control.

You can get control back by learning effective ways to manage your thinking, increase your positivity and become more resilient.

I offer my Releasing Anxiety; Embracing Calm program on a one to one basis, or as a group program.

One to one allows me to tailor the content to your individual requirements.

The program has 6 modules which you can work through in 6-12 weeks.

The group program allows you to complete the modules in your own time, supported by weekly group coaching/Q&A sessions.

Whichever way suits you best, you have so much to gain – imagine a full nights sleep with no waking and worrying over issues, no blowing up at your family and friends for no reason and a feeling of emotional stability and calm.

If you need to Release your Anxiety and Embrace Calm, contact me to find out more.