Calmer Christmas mini webinar series

Well, Christmas is fast approaching and I know it can be a stressful time of year, so I’ve put together a series of four mini Webinars to help you to stay calm, feel positive and enjoy the Christmas Season!

And the tools and techniques I teach you can be used anytime, so once you have the know how, you’ll be good to go whenever you need to embrace the calm!

First up is BREATHING! We all do it and yet we also underestimate its power to help us feel less anxious and more calm. 

In webinar 2, I’m talking about POSITIVITY and 3 things you can do to be, and feel, more positive over the Christmas period and beyond.

Remember, these tools and techniques are not just for Christmas – you can use them anytime that you need to to bring some calm into your life.

Webinar 3 – This one is all about ANCHORS!

No, nothing nautical going on here – this is about linking a physcial movement to the desired feeling, which in this case is calm. It’s a process called anchoring, and its quick to set up and then so easy to use.

You can find out all about it here – in 16 minutes you could walk away with feeling of being calm at your fingers tips whenever you want it!

Here’s the fourth and final mini webinar – and this is a chance to try out some RELAXATION through HYPNOTHERAPY if you haven’t already!

I’ve put together a short session, (about 15mins) to let you see how hypnotherapy can help you to release your anxiety and embrace the feeling of calm. It’s deeply relaxing and I hope you enjoy it! (excuse the awful face it’s captured at the start!!)