Ease through Exams

Well the A-level and GCSE exam period is nearly upon us, and all the students who haven’t had normal schooling in 2 years have to take exams. Some won’t have had any experience of externally set exams to this point.

The same applies to Uni students, who have had a very variable experience over the last two years too.

This makes taking exams extra stressful and makes life hard for the students, teachers and their families. It can feel as though everything rests of the results of these exams (those of us longer in the tooth know this isn’t the case, but it certainly feels like it at 16 & 18 and at Uni), so anxiety levels are high and this makes concentrating on revision, staying motivated and maintaining calm for exams extremely difficult.

I’ve put together a program for students to help them with motivation and focus, control their anxiety and remain calm and relaxed using hypnotherapy, relaxation and other techniques I’ve learnt over years of supporting students.

The package includes:

  • three one to one sessions for hypnotherapy – I will tailor the sessions to you and your specific needs
  • audio recordings to use again and again
  • lots of hints, tips and support
  • additional resources to continue to use at home

In the sessions we can cover motivation, maintaining your focus, improving your memory, how to manage anxiety and stress, increasing your positivity (you can pass!), recalling information easily and staying calm in the exam room.

All for £199! Three sessions usually cost £225 without all the extras!

Sessions can be face to face or over zoom.

Help the students you know to Stay calm, and ease through exams!