Releasing Anxiety; Embracing Calm

Are you ready to have a calmer, more fulfilling life!

Are you always feeling anxious? Stressed out? Feeling totally overwhelmed?

It’s time to choose a different way and learn how to release all the anxiety. You need to EMBRACE CALM – making you feel more fulfilled, positive and content.

Life doesn’t have to be a battle – you can learn to live life more easily, feel more aligned and so much calmer.

This programme is about more than just learning to breathe and meditate – I’ll work with you on releasing your unhelpful thinking patterns, re-connecting you to your values and how you want life to look and set you up for success and fulfillment.

Ever find yourself asking why you?

Feel like you’re trying everything to take back control of your life and it’s not happening?

Why are others managing to cope and you’re not?

You used to have grand plans and ambitions but now they feel like unreachable dreams…

You need to release the anxiety – and embrace the calm !

This is 12 weeks to a calmer, more fulfilling and aligned way of living – that will stay with you for life!

Releasing Anxiety; Embracing Calm is a 12 week programme, comprising of 6 modules.

Each module has a hypnotherapy session recorded for you to use, activities and techniques to undertake and practice that will help you on your journey from frustrated to fulfilled.

Every week there will be a live Q&A session with me online, and the other course participants, to help you with any issues, answer questions and provide some helpful advice:

Module 1: Eliminate the Negative; Accentuate the Positive

When you are anxious, your brain is constantly scanning for the next threat or issue to deal with. It focuses on the negative, trying to screen out anything harmful before it happens. This module will help you recognise your negative thought patterns and begin to release them, changing them with more positive thoughts.

And being positive just seems to breed more positivity too!

Module 2: I want to break Free

It’s time to break free of the need to try and control everything around you – it simply makes you feel worse about yourself and it is impossible to do. So your anxiety and worry spirals and your life gets more gloomy and unpleasant.  It’s time to learn to recognise what we can control and what we can’t and learn to let go of the issues over which we have no control. 

Module 3: The One and Only

Now it’s all about recognising that you are unique and imperfectly perfect – helping you to increase your confidence and self esteem, so you feel able to be yourself, unapologetically – you really are perfect, just the way you are!

Module 4: Please, please tell me now

We nearly all have an inner voice that talks to us – and for many of us that have anxiety, this inner voice is really negative, and its mostly aimed at us personally and who we are and what we do. Nothing satisfies this inner critic and you can never be good enough- and doesn’t that just fuel the negative, anxious monster!!

Learn to change the way in which you talk to yourself and turn down the negative inner critic, so that you can take a more objective view of yourself and your actions. And as a bonus, your anxiety decreases too!

Module 5: Rearranging the pieces

Making all the mental changes over the last few weeks will also have produced some physical responses too, so we will look at how you can care for your body as well as your mind to keep you fully functioning in future.

Using hypnotherapy, we’ll encourage your sub-conscious to continue to make the changes needed to bring you optimal health and wellbeing.

Module 6: Moving on up

Now you have got control of your anxiety and have tools to manage any anxious thoughts that emerge in future, this module is about moving on with your life.

You will start to plan your new, calm life and envisage what this might look like for you.

I’m ready to start Releasing my Anxiety and Embracing Calm!!