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This is my beautiful orchid, taken on a not so cheery March day, but it brought a big smile to my face; not only is it lovely to look at but it made me think about how it got there, and what I can learn from it. You see, had you seen it 18 months ago, you wouldn’t think it was the same plant. It was a very sad little thing, in a small pot,
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New Year resolutions – how many have you set yourself in the past? And how many have you kept? Resolutions are a really common thing to set yourself at the start of a new year – if you Google New Year Resolutions you get over 191,000,000 results so it is easy to see how many people buy into the idea. For the New Year, many people set themselves resolutions – and as we know, so
Finding Happy Spaces and Places   Sometimes just getting out and about can make me feel so much better – a trip to Chatsworth at the weekend just made me feel happy as it is so beautiful at this time of year. With everything we are having to cope with at the moment (we’re currently in the middle of Lockdown 2.0 in the UK) we need to take time to enjoy what is around us and